Kochan and Phillips Kersey arrives!

After a couple of mill delays our long awaited run of blue-gray kersey from Kochan and Phillips has passed through customs and is in my hands. The cloth has a splendid color to it, that in my opinion at least, is a near perfect match to several surviving Confederate uniforms; especially Peter Tait and Alexander Collie imported uniforms.

Although it is a shame to spoil the bolt with scissors I am eagerly looking forward to getting to work on a run of Houston Depot uniforms for our Battery uniforms.

In addition to Houston Depot products, this cloth would be a wonderful choice for replicating Richmond Depot type II and III jackets, along with North Carolina issue jackets, Alabama Tait contract jackets, Charleston Depot jackets, and even some products from the Shreveport Depot.

As many of you are aware, imported cloth uniforms were increasingly common among Confederate troops as the war progressed, even with the increasing success of the Northern blockade of Confederate ports. In Texas especially, imported cloth was often easier for quartermasters to acquire than domestic cloth given the lack of machinery required to properly mill woolen cloth. Mexico provided easy access to imported goods by allowing Confederate agents to circumvent the Federal blockade by transporting goods through a neutral country.

For more information the original garments that this cloth will replicate have a look at these great webpages:

Les Jensen's Articles on Confederate Uniforms

Adolphus Confederate Uniforms

Here we have a recently completed artillery trimmed Houston Depot winter issue jacket made of the Kochan and Phillips blue-gray kersey. This particular jacket is going to our very own David Walters. It is completely handsewn with flax thread as per originals, and lined with unbleached onsaberg in the body, and bleached domestic cotton in the sleeves. Closing the jacket are seven high quality script A buttons from Waterburry Co.


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