History Presentation, January 2017

Firearms of the Civil War have always been an intriguing area of study for the arms student. In what was one of the first industrialized modern conflicts, flintlock smoothbore muskets some 80 years old ended up battling it out with the newest and deadliest mass produced arms including some of the most advanced breechloading cartridge arms of the period. The lessons learned during that war served as an important stimulant to international arms development, and within 5 years of the end of that conflict all "modern" nations had rearmed their militaries with mass produced, breechloading cartridge rifles designed with interchangeable parts. But was this a new invention?

In conjunction with our January 2017 meeting Garrett Glover will present "John H. Hall's Military Breechloaders", a concise lecture on the accomplishments of John H. Hall, who, despite historical obscurity, is one of the most visionary inventors of the 19th century, and who can be rightly be described as the father of interchangeable parts and assembly line production. From 1817 to 1853 Hall's patent rifles and carbines broke new ground in arms development with such benchmarks as being the first general issue breechloading arms of any nation in the world; the first fully interchangeable arms produced on an industrial scale; and the general issue percussion arms in military service!

Join us at 10:30 A.M. Saturday, January 14 at the Livingston Municipal Library for an illuminating presentation on the genius of John Hall and the use of his military breechloaders. In addition to a brief lecture on the design and history of Hall's original patent arms, we will also take a look at how these arms saw service during the American Civil War.

Also, since no firearms lecture at a Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting would be complete without some Rebel firepower, Mr. Glover will be bringing several examples of original Hall's rifles used by Confederate troops during the Civil War!

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