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History Program

In conjunction with our monthly meeting we try, whenever possible, to have a guest speaker present to the camp a topic pertaining to Civil War History. Presentations will be announced on the Camp Event page.

Prior presentations include:

Treatment of Battlefield Casualties

Uniforms of the Trans-Mississippi Department

The Confederate Navy in the Trans-Mississippi

The Legacy of Black Confederates

Firearms from Europe: A Survey of Imported Longarms in the American Civil War

The Equine Factor: Harnessing Horsepower for the Confederate War Effort

Camp Donelson: Life and Death in a Federal POW Camp

Percussion Altered US Military Longarms

John Hall's Military Breechloaders

If you are a historian, or speaker, and would like to schedule a date for your topic please contact us through the link below:


(Left) Garrett Glover explains the primer mechanism of a M1816/55 Maynard primer altered Musket.

(Right) Noted historian and author Frederick Adolphus presents The Equine Factor.

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