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The Polk County Flying Artillery

Battery Officers

    The Polk County Flying Artillery is a reenacting unit that is primarily composed of members of our camp. We man two Model 1841 6 pound field guns at many reenactments in the Trans-Mississippi area, and also at National Civil War reenactments. Although it is not required of any camp member to become a reenactor, many of our members greatly enjoy it. While we do try to have as much fun as possible at the events we attend as a Battery, we take the hobby very seriously, and as such have select uniform guidelines to ensure a proper historically correct look for each event we attend. We also have Battery drill days scheduled through the year to allow out members to brush up on our drill and help work on gun maintenance.

     The original Battery was formed in Livingston in July of 1861 by our Camp namesake, Captain Isacc Newton Moreland Turner. Originally the Battery manned 2 iron 6 pound guns. However, due to a lack of need for artillery at the time the unit turned over their guns and was enrolled as Company K of the 5th Texas Infantry and sent to fight in Virginia. Even though the unit became an infantry company they retained the Polk County Flying Artillery moniker throughout the war.

    As a reenacting unit we attend numerous events every year in the Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma areas. Being as the artillery battery did not persist more than a few months we often adopt the designation of a different unit known to have participated in whatever battle we are recreating.

   In addition to serving as artillerymen we have several members who also portray infantrymen.

      Our members are encouraged to obtain the most accurate uniforms and gear as possible in order to most accurately portray our ancestors.

      Although we primarily portray Confederate troops it is sometimes necessary for us to "don the blue" and portray Federal troops in order to achieve accurate troop ratios.

      If historical reenacting is something that interests you, we hope you contact us!

Captain Mike Farrar

Mike has been reenacting for over 10 years. During that time he has rizen through the ranks and mastered every spot on the gun crew. In addition to commanding the battery he is also the current Camp Commander and Artificer (caretaker of the cannons).

Sergeant Garrett Glover

Garrett spent most of his youth with the battery and has been a regular member since 2008. He serves as one of our drill instructors. In addition to the Civil War era, Garrett also reenacts 1850s US Regulars. He is an avid uniformologist and antique firearms collector.

Corporal Bill Vincent

Bill is approaching 20 years with the Battery having joined shortly after the Battery was created in the early 1990s. Bill has participated in events as far a way as South Carolina and was even present for the burial of the CSS Hunley crew.

In Memoriam

Gregory K. Helm

February 11, 1948 - November 3, 2015

Sergeant Major Greg Helm joined Battery K shortly after he joined the Ike Turner Camp in 2004. Greg was one of the most knowledgeable and personable reenactors you would ever meet. He was dedicated to Battery K and seldom missed an event, often arriving ahead of the rest of the Battery, sometimes days in advance, to select camping areas.

In addition to holding rank within Battery K, Sgt. Major Helm also served at the senior NCO for the 5th Brigade of Cleburne's Division of Reenactors from 2010 to 2015. He routinely oversaw the safety of over 30 guns at a single time. In all the times Greg was overseeing the line there was not a single accident.

On December 12, 2015 the Ike Turner Camp and Battery K presented Mrs. Helm with a resolution honoring Greg's service in both organizations.

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