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About Us

     The Ike Turner Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp is a non-political, historically minded organization. We are primarily located in the Polk County area, but have members in several areas across the state of Texas.

     We participate in a number of memorial events each year, including the Memorial Day event at the Houston National Cemetery each year. The camp also hosts school days for area students, as well as participating in living histories with our two Model 1841 6 pound field guns. The Ike Turner camp helps care for and tend to the graves of Confederate Veterans buried in the Livingston area.

     In addition to that quite a few of our members are avid reenactors. Our camp members are the core of the reenacting unit the Polk County Flying Artillery.

Camp Officers

Camp Commander - Mike Farrar

Adjutant - Bill Maddox

Quartermaster - David Walters

(Above Left) Camp Members at the 2015 Houston National Cemetery Memorial Day event.

(Above Right) Camp Members after a work day leveling headstones at Jasper Cemetery.

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